The Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia has a number of industry-related DVDs that are available through YouTube. Click on the title to view the video through YouTube.

Reinforcement Cage Manufacture 

Innovation in the concrete pipe industry has included the use of automated and semi- automated reinforcement cage manufacturing equipment that enables the production of precision dimensioned cages. 

Design and Manufacture of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe

The design and manufacture of steel reinforced concrete pipe requires some unique techniques and parameters when compared to other precast concrete elements. This video provides you with on over view to what these are and how they benefit the long term durability of concrete pipe.

Installation of Steel Reinforced Concrete Pipe

Good placement of pipeline systems is critical to ensuring the long term design life of a buried pipe is met. Concrete pipe installation requires sound foundation, uniform support, selected materials and good compaction, along with a number of other important parameters, to ensure this is met. 

Reinforced Concrete Pipe – the Durable Asset

Durability is one of the most important aspects of design for a pipeline system. If the pipe is not durable enough to last the test the asset will become costly and perhaps dangerous. This video explains the virtues of concrete pipe as a durable product and how it will meet the design life of 100 years.

Reinforced Concrete Pipe – the Preferred Choice

There are a number of pipe materials available in the industry today. Only concrete pipe will provide you with a 100 year design life based on proven service history and the Standards. See why concrete is the preferred choice in more detail.

Introduction to CPAA

What is the CPAA and how can it benefit the drainage, waste water and construction industries in Australia and New Zealand? This video is an introduction to the Association and what it can do for you.