This section includes a number of documents in various forms such as Engineering Guidelines and Technical Briefs. All the documents below have been complied by CPAA technical experts and are available here, free of charge, to download.

The publications have been listed under the following categories – acceptance and testing, durability and design, hydraulics, installation and pipe materials.

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Collaboration Driven Innovation for Deep Concrete Culvert Design and Installation – An Example of Safety in Design

Deep Culvert Design and Installation paper

Jacking Design Guidelines

Installation by jacking is a technique applicable to concrete pipe. This manual considers the design concepts required for such types of application, as well as installation design characteristics.

Designing Rigid and Flexible Pipeline Systems

Design requirements for rigid and flexible pipe vary markedly. This Technical Note highlights 5 main design differences that should be considered when comparing rigid and flexible pipe.

Influence of bedding support on pipe class

Bedding support is provided to a buried concrete pipe to act as both the foundation and also to increase the load carrying capacity of the pipeline. This TN describes what influence the bedding support can have on the design.

Comparison of pipeline design installation requirements rigid v flexible

This Technical paper was updated recently to focus primarily on rigid pipe (concrete) and flexible pipe (plastic). It outlines the main differences between the two materials when it comes to design requirements (specifiers) and installation requirements (contractors). Importantly it highlights the fact that concrete pipe is accepted based on performance, whilst plastic is accepted based on design calculation.

Long term stiffness of black max

The long term stiffness of black max flexible pipe is examined in this technical paper.

The design & installation requirements for various pipe types

Different pipe materials require different design requirements and installation techniques. This detailed paper explores the differences and explains the critical differences that need to be understood when specifying rigid, semi-rigid and flexible pipe.