In keeping with the mission and to support the objectives, the Association has in place a full-time Executive Director and as required administrative support. It is active at four levels:

  • Council
  • Executive Director
  • Management Committee
  • Project Working Groups

Each level plays an integral role in executing the Association’s objectives. 


The CPAA Council currently meets 4 times a year. It sets policy guidelines for the Association and agrees on action plans to be implemented by the Management Committee, as well as dealing with issues that affect the members in accordance with the mission and objectives.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the CPAA action plans. The Management Committee is made up of a balanced mix of senior personnel from member organisations who work with the Executive Director to ensure that action plans are followed through.

Working Groups

From time to time Working Groups are established to contribute to the development of particular research or projects.  The groups are formed by assembling topic experts from member companies.