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Trusted training by industry experts

The CPAA and member companies offer a broad range of training and information sharing opportunities.  Contact admin@cpaa.asn.au for information and to schedule a session.   A range of standard presentations and seminars an be provided however bespoke content tailored to your design, specification and installation training requirements are available.

A focus is on improving the designers knowledge and understanding:

  • Manufacture of concrete pipe – provides the designer with an understanding of the current manufacturing methods, materials utilised, quality assurance and performance testing of concrete pipe.
  • Manufacture of Precast Box Culverts – provides the designer with an understanding of the materials, durability requirements, configurations, quality assurance and performance testing of precast box culverts to AS1597.1
  • PipeClass Software – useful tips and understanding for utilising the CPAA PipeClass Software for designing of concrete pipe systems.  Covers variables that have impact, temporary construction loads and specification documentation.
  • Designing for Durability – provides an understanding of the performance and material requirements for designing stormwater pipelines for 100 year design life in varied installed circumstances
  • Facts about cracks- provides an understanding of the design of concrete pipes and the controlled induced cracking that ensures a sustainable, durable and resilient asset.
  • Rigid and Flexible Pipeline Design and Performance – provides designers with an understanding of the different performance, material, installation and post installation monitoring requirements for rigid and flexible pipelines.
  • AS4198:2022 Guidance and Application – provides designers with detailed understanding on how to appropriately specify precast concrete access and maintenance chambers in accordance with AS4198:2022 Precast concrete access chambers for sewerage applications